Ideal for Hanging Wind Chimes

Soffit Clip is ideal for hanging wind chimes. Listen to the melodic sounds of your favourite chimes hanging conveniently from your eaves. Continue Reading

Soffit Clip Available Now

These durable clips are easy to install and strong enough for Christmas lights, wind chimes, bird feeders and more! Continue Reading

An idea, I asked my mother for a bobby pin

Every year I had to replace the existing christmas light clips because of their poor design, that’s when an idea came to mind.  So I sat in the living room and began to build a better light hanger. I asked my mother for a bobby pin, then rolled the end and found it was very… Continue Reading

You too will be Hooked!

Soffit Clip no 2 was a little weak and the plastic was not UV resistant, so Leo decided to go back to the mold maker to add a flat loop engineered for increased strength and flexibility. Now the Soffit Clip is ready for market.  This time from a UV Resistant White Plastic and  flatter loop. Success,… Continue Reading

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